Events & Documents

OCUC has 6 council meetings per year; 3 in the spring/summer and 3 in the fall/winter; no meeting in July and August. In the evening on Thursdays prior to each council meeting on Friday morning, there would be a board meeting for the board of directors. Half of the agenda for both the council and board meetings are the same: approval of the agenda; approval of minutes of previous meeting; verbal report on the standing committees – Education, Labour Relation, Health and Safety and Recruitment.

For the board meeting, the rest of the time will be used to discuss the administrative reports by the executive director on finance and communication. They will also review the council agenda for the next day and suggestions on future speakers for the following council meeting.
For the council meeting, the other half or the majority of the time will be spent on the presentations from normally 2 to 3 speakers. At the moment, there are 8 board of directors in the board including the appointed executive director who has no voting right. In the recent years, council has about 20-30 people attend the meeting from all three categories of the membership.