Benefits derived from membership

  • Participate with other like industry members in discussions and updates on issues impacting business and Labour
  • Lobby/advocate/communicate with the Provincial Government on issues of economic development, training, safety, and labour relations
  • Provide valuable input into Government with regard to Labour legislation as was done with the Red Tape Commission and Construction Lien legislation
  • Continual updates during Labour negotiations and timely information on trade settlements
  • Long term promotion of the Construction Industry as a career
  • In this period of economic realignment and international competition, the Council provides informed practical experience which is critical for management decisions

Membership level and fees

Membership level  Fee structure
Full Members: are defined as companies which purchase major production facilities. $1,250.00/year
Associate Members: are defined as companies which provide construction, maintenance or engineering services. $800.00/year
Subscriber Members are defined as organizations which have peripheral interest in construction activity. $450.00/year

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